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Trying the Flying Trapeze

Swinging on a flying trapeze was never a childhood fantasy of mine, so I'm not sure what I was doing leaning off a platform 24 feet in the air, holding a 7-pound bar in my right hand. With my left hand, I clung to one of the slender vertical cables that supported the platform. The instructor, who was poised next to me on the tiny plank, was telling me to step off into thin air before grasping the trapeze with my left hand.

Cape May - Will Work for Food and Lodging

The fist banging on the doors down the hall got louder as it came closer to my room. I could hear a loud male voice calling out, "Good morning, Sunshine" and "I want to hear those feet hit the floor." Not exactly the genteel wake-up call you'd expect at a gracious Victorian hotel in the heart of Cape May, N.J. Not exactly the type of wake-up call you'd expect anywhere, actually, except perhaps if you're a Marine or a minor at home with your parents.

Philadelphia Story

I can't remember the last time someone told me a really good story that wasn't related to a bad boss or a clueless boyfriend. That is, until last Saturday. That's when I came upon a sort of story-palooza in the City of Brotherly Love. Yes, this is a Philadelphia story. Actually, it's many Philadelphia stories, dozens of them, unfolding daily throughout 20 square blocks of Philly's historic district. It's all part of Once Upon a Nation, the city's summer-long living history program of costumed Colonial figures, audience-participation movies and lots of period gossip.

Niagara Falls in Winter

When I told a colleague of my plan for a winter visit to Niagara Falls, his eyes opened wide. With practically chattering teeth, he re-c-c-c-called his own New Year's weekend visit to the f-f-f-falls years ago. "That was the coldest I've ever been in my life." Would he ever consider doing such a silly thing again? "Absolutely."

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