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Ellen Perlman

Ellen Perlman earned a masterís degree in journalism from Northwestern University and now uses it as a ticket to travel the world.

Her first major road trip was a cross-country journey from New York to California in a green Chevrolet with no air conditioning. She enjoyed the Corn Palace, Mount Rushmore and the little city of Las Vegas. She was seven. She let her parents do the driving.

The family of five made it through that trip with only minor scrapes, bruises and whining. So Ellen's parents decided to try it again a few years later. New York to California via a different Interstate. The family landed in random roadside motels and campgrounds as the mood struck.

Those journeys instilled a love of travel in one of the three kids.

Ellen's travels on her own began with a few American Youth Hostel bike trips in New England and Wisconsin during her teen years, and continued with a junior year abroad in Exeter, England. After her first term, she did the typical "stop every two days in a new country" European tour. She thought it would cure her of her travel bug. Instead, the bug seems to be embedded for all time.

Ellen started writing about her adventures in the 90s. She continues to travel several times a year, looking for great adventures and quirky things to write about.

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